InstaPets! Top 5 Pet Stars of Instagram

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Top 5 Pet Stars of Instagram!

 In this modern age, the odds are, if you own an adorable pet, they most likely have their own Instagram/Twitter/Facebook/SnapChat profile. Who could blame you? Cute picture of puppies and kittens deserve to be shared with the world and millions of people around the world can’t go on without their fix.

Below are the top 5 accounts out there, as seen by the team at SityWalks, who have amassed envy-inducing followers.


#5…Dogs Of Instagram

Instagram: @Dogsofinstagram

Followers: 3.4M

Community of 3 million dog lovers and photographers, capturing and sharing some of the cutest snaps going on The Gram. These aren’t just any photos, the team behind this popular Instagram page put a big focus on original, heart-melting content and (surprisingly for Instagram) minimal filters! Think Humans of NY but with slightly less grit and more canine…

Dogofinsta               Dogsofinsta     


#4…Choupette Lagerfeld

Instagram: @Choupettesdiary

Followers: 87.6K

The name may sound familiar, the elegant Birman feline is Channel’s one and only head of design and creative director, Karl Lagerfeld pet cat. You can call her Choupette, Princess Choupette or Miss Choupette but the infamous feline has become a legend in her own right with talk of TWO beloved maids (to manage grooming obviously!), a pay package totalling £2m in commercial fees and private jet travel.

Legend has it that Choupette has helped inspire many of Lagerfeld’s great creations over the years and having looked into those piercing blue eyes and we kind of understand why. Follow her adventures on @Choupettesdiary

 chop1               chop2


#3…Marine The Dog A.K.A ‘The most popular rescue dog on Instagram’

Instagram: @Marinethedog

Followers: 2M

A loveable rescue Shih-Tzu with its very own tear jerking rags to intsa-famous story. At nearly 10 years old, Marnie was found on the streets of Connecticut US with matted fur and a left eye which she could barely see out of. Soon after being adopted, her personality has come out in leaps and bounds with her left eye clearing up completely! Her instantly recognisable and adorable pose (her tongue is always out!), has led to this Shih-Tzu garnering an impressive A-list following which includes Jonah Hill, Larry King, Salema Gomez, Chance the Rapper, Demi Lovato and The Bang Theory cast. This is one cool rescue dog…

Ma1               ma2              


#2…Jiff AKA ‘The cutest dog in the world’

Instagram: @jiffpom

Followers: 3.1M

As the crowning champion holding the title of ‘The cutest dog in the world’ he definitely has the followers to back up that claim up with over 3 million Instagrammers keeping up with his daily antics. This cute Pomeranian however isn’t only about the adorable photos; he can also do handstands, ride a skateboard, holds a couple World Guinness Records and also featured in a Katy Perry music video. If there wasn’t 1,679 cute photos of Jiff, we don’t think we would believe he was a real  pooch! Too cute!

j1               j2


The #1 Pet-Insta page is….Cats of Instagram

Instagram: @cats_of_instagram

Followers: 6.9M

According to Instagram followers, the eternal Cute Cats vs Adorable Dogs debate has final been decided. With a whooping 6.9M followers, this instagram page is full of cute kitten pictures and enough hilarious clips of cats doing cat things to keep you entertained for a few weeks. The curators of the page have also released a hardcover book titled ‘Cats on Instagram’ with 400 handpicked photos (available on Amazon)- perfect for the coffee table!

c1               c2


So there you have it, the top 5 InstaPet profiles as seen by the team at SityWalks. There are enough cute photos in the profiles to fill every dull moment and lift any frown. Check them out and enjoy!






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