3 Ways to Ensure your Dog is Always Smiling!

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3 Ways to Keep your Dog Smiling!

As a pet owner, your dog’s happiness is understandably very important to you! We’ve listed 3 ways below that’ll help ensure your dog always has a smile on their face and a complimentary wagging tail.


#1 Walks

Regular walks are a great way for dogs to burn off some excess energy and release some positive endorphins; it also keeps them mentally stimulated too-which is equally as important. Taking your dog for a walk allows them to sniff and explore new areas, and also socialise with other friendly canines and people too. It’s a sure fire way to keep them smiling!



#2 Toys

Who doesn’t love toys?  Dogs are naturally drawn to toys that make a noise, can be torn apart and are soft and can be easily manipulated. With dogs being social animals, they much prefer for you to join in too, whether through tug of war or by playing fetch! Toys don’t need to be particularly expensive, we’ve known some dogs to be entertained for hours by a plastic bottle!

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#3 Treats

Pulling out your dogs favourite treat is a sure fire way to get their tails wagging with excitement! But did you know that it’s been scientifically proven that dogs actually enjoy treats a lot more when they’ve actually worked for them? Whether through executing a new trick on command or having a good obedient walk, make sure your dog has earned it next time you dip into the treat box!

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There you have it, 3 ways to guarantee that your dog is always smiling!

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