Fun Filled Adventures for Your Pup to Enjoy!



Great Adventures for You & the Pooch to Enjoy!

Adventures are a great way to create some awesome memories with your pooch and for you to build a stronger dog-owner bond. The more you do together, the deeper the trust builds between canine and human. It’s important however to ensure that the activities you choose match up with your own dogs personality-that way, you can be sure that your dog will have an awesome and rewarding time. With that in mind, SityWalks have listed below 4 fun-filled adventures you can have with your pup in London.


#1 : Catch a Movie

Who doesn’t enjoy sitting back in a dark theatre room with a box full of popcorn while watching their favourite movie stars in action. Since the start of the year, you can now share that experience with your pup. A new dog friendly cinema, Oscar & Rupert, has opened up in East London and caters for your four legged friends every cinematic need.

Pooch popcorn and doggy ice cream will be on hand to fill all and any dog cravings. The team at Oscar & Rupert are also generously offering to take your pooch out for regular toilet breaks so you don’t have to miss a moment of the film.

Tickets are £15 per person (with dogs going for free) and screenings will be hosted once a month.



#2: Swimming with the Pooch

Swimming can be great fun for both humans and dogs, so why not do it together. For dogs (& people alike), swimming is enjoyable and a nice change from the typical walk in the park. It’s also a great work out with a ten min swim equivalent to a five mile walk. In central London, the pond in Battersea Park in a great spot to take your pooch swimming-just remember to bring your swimming gear!

It might come as a surprise to you but it’s actually a bit of a myth that all dogs can and are good swimmers. If your dog doesn’t like water much (we all hate the rain!), it’s well worth considering getting your dog some swimming lessons. Lessons are usually taught by dog handlers and your dog will also wear a floatation jacket until they get the hang of things.



#3: Dogs+ Yoga = Doga

As you’ve probably guessed, Doga is a form of yoga in which both you and your pup can take part in together and it’s already garnered quite a following in London. The purpose of these specialised classes is to help both the owner and animal relax, by slowing down their breathing, and to give the dogs an opportunity to have a bit of fun by socialising with the other pups in the class. Owners are encouraged to lift up their pets into poses and give them massages to help nurture and boost the dog’s immune systems. Start practising those ‘Downward Dog’ poses!



#4: Rare & Out of Print Bookshop

Is your pooch a bit of a book worm? Then The Society Club in Soho is a great dog friendly place to visit with your pet.  Specialising in 20th Century literature, Modern 1st editions and photography books plus delicious cocktails, there’s enough material (& booze) to labour through to keep both you and your sophisticated pooch entertained for numerous evenings.

If your pooch does indeed get peckish, there’s some great organic dog food and liver treats on hand, and if they do fancy making some new friends, there are some fun resident pooches to socialise with.



There you have it, 4 fun-filled adventures in which you can share with your pooch. Enjoy!


(Pics Instagram: @dogsofinstagram)

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