Butternut Box = One Very Happy Pup

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Butternut Box = One Very Happy Pup

Finding the right diet for your pooch can be a tricky one. You want them to have a healthy diet but also a varied one. With our hectic lifestyles cooking up fresh meals and ensuring they get the right nutritional content isn’t the easiest of tasks!

Which is why we just had to dedicate a blog post to the guys over at Butternut Box for making Leo one very happy pup this week. Butternut Box create super fresh and tasty meals for your dog which are all made by hand then delivered to your door. All their meals are developed alongside nutritionists and approved by vets.


Leo (the office mascot) was very happy to be the guinea pig for a week with this new food and he absolutely loved it!

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Firstly we want to point out that Leo is actually a very picky eater and he has been on the same kibble since he was about 9 months. He will outright refuse to eat anything that comes out of a tin or a plastic tray (some of the tins have been more expensive than my own meals!) The look of complete disgust on his face when they are put in his bowl says everything. 

But when I came across Butternut Box I thought why not give it a go and I am so glad that I did!


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How it works:

  • I provided some information about Leo and his weight, age, activity levels etc and Butternut Box tailored the food to meet Leo’s needs which is great!
  • The packs arrived really quickly after putting in an order and were kept chilled.


  • They provide a 7 day integration programme so that you can ease the transition across meaning no upsets tummy!


  • They have 4 different flavours Turkey, Lamb, Beef and Chicken which are all grain free, preservative free and there are no surprises in store when it comes to the quality of meat! Leo loves all 4 flavours and he barely comes up for air when chowing down!




The Verdict:


It’s such a relief to know Leo doesn’t have to survive on just kibble for the rest of his life and can have homemade meals ready to eat! I would certainly recommend anyone trying Butternut Box! Leo is currently one very happy pup!

They also continue to check in and make sure all is going well and that Leo is happy with his order! The lovely Katie has been amazing!

On the website they quote that they might be “The best thing since belly rubs” They might be right! Now he can just concentrate on his daily adventures as it’s tough being a dog you know!!

 leo fountain


You can place an order or find out more information here:  https://butternutbox.com/


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