Become a SityWalker

Complete flexibility to take care of adorable pets while earning competitive pay. That’s a winning formula!

Why become a SityWalker...Where do we begin?

  • Complete Flexibility

    Manage your own schedule with complete freedom. At SityWalks, you’ll be self-employed so you only have to work when it suits you best. You truly are your own boss!

  • Find Jobs in Your Local Area

    Receive work in your local area. Most SityWalkers find work within a couple miles of their own homes.

  • Get Paid Electronically

    No more handling cash! Payments will appear automatically into your bank accounts- Easy! We use Stripe as our payment gateway to ensure secure payments.

  • Manage your booking Online

    Simply accept and mange all your bookings and customers online using our platform.

  • Gain exposure to a wider customer base

    Our aim is to help you find work quickly and easily, with a large customer database covering most of London, we’re sure we can do that for you. We’re not an agency, but an online platform connecting SityWalkers with pet owners.

  • Working with Adorable Pets while being covered by our Insurance

    Have a great time exploring and enjoying new adventures in your local area with some of the most adorable pets out there! In the background, we’ll happily provide and manage £5mm Liability and Pet insurance. We’re here to make things easy for you!

  • Competitive Fixed Prices

    Earn great money! We only take a small commission (15%) once a successful job has been completed. We’ve set all our fixed prices at competitive rates to ensure you have a fair chance of securing work. In short - no more bidding wars for jobs.

If you like the sound of everything above, then please sign up now and let the work find you

How it Works in a Nutshell?

Customers will search for a local Dog Walker or Pet Sitter and will receive a selection of verified SityWalkers to choose from. Once they have made their choice, the SityWalkers selected will receive a bookings email prompting them to accept or decline the job. The job will go out to a maximum of 5 registered SityWalkers so the faster you respond the better, as the first SityWalker to accept the job will secure the booking. Honestly it really is that easy! You will be glad to hear that there is no bidding war or any hidden sneaky fees at SityWalks, only fixed competitive prices to give you a fair shot of securing a job.

Join us

Interested in taking care of some adorable pets in your local area while earning competitive pay? Did I forget to mention that you would also have complete freedom to manage your own schedule! Simply fill out the short form found on the ‘Be a SityWalker’ page. We’ll just need a few details, this should only take just over 5mins to complete. It’s important to remember, customers will rely on the information on your public profile to make booking selections so please be detailed. We’ll get in touch within 48hrs of receiving your completed form to talk through your experiences with animals and find out a bit more about you. Once you’ve cleared our vetting process and have been accepted, you’ll be ready to earn great money while taking care of some great pets! Thank us later.

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